James Chilvers

James Chilvers

Name: James Chilvers

Height: 5ft 8in     Weight: 13st

From: Gorleston, Norfolk

Debut: 2015

Signature Move(s): Codebreaker

Accolades: None

Other Information: James Chilvers may not be able to see the impact he has in the wider world, but he can hear and feel the love of the crowd every time he enters the ring. James is the inspiration for the blind wrestler in Fighting With My Family. He’s also a focus of the BBC Three’s recent Step Into The Ring documentary.

James is visually impaired and courageous, verging on crazy. His Frog Splash from the top rope has the crowd gasping as much as his opponent. None of the roster takes James lightly, but they’re able to take advantage of his weakness to counteract his strengths: he’s never won a title, but he’s never shirked from a challenge either.

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