Name: Nocturne

Height: 6ft 4in    Weight: 19st

From: Somewhere Long Forgotten

Wrestling Debut: 2017

Signature Move(s): Hand of Freyja | Blood and Thunder

Accolades: Academy Tag Team Champion x1

Other Information: Nocturne summons his demons in the ring so he can get relief from battling them in the cage of his mind. Led to the ring by his handler, Freyja Nyx, Nocturne’s violent tendencies are directed towards his opponents, or whoever Nyx orders him to.

Their relationship remains an unnerving but highly successful partnership as Nocturne bulldozes his way through the opposition. He even held his own while defending the WAW Academy Tag Team titles on his own, after his tag team partner The Mummy mysteriously disappeared not long after Nyx entered the picture.

He’s a stunningly good wrestler but always seems more focused on what’s going on inside his head than whatever his opponents are trying to do to him. Freya encourages him to focus – and directs him when to deliver his signature Hand of Freyja, Spinning Sidewalk Slam, or the terrifying Blood and Thunder – a corkscrew elbow drop from the second rope.

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