Ryan Richards

Ryan Richards

Name: Ryan Richards

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight: 12st 8lb

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2016

Signature Move(s): Ryanair kneedrop | Famouser | Step-up enzuigiri

Accolades: Academy Champion x2

Other Information: Ryan Richards has been a focused student within the WAW Academy for many years. First winning the Academy title in 2018, Richards dropped down the pecking order after losing his title to Marvel Marcus. It took several years for him to work his way back up the ladder, eventually reclaiming the title in late 2020 after forcing his way into the title picture.

His Fameasser drops numerous opponents to the mat for the three-count, and his Ryanair top rope knee drop flies its victims on a low-cost holiday to hospital. Richards’ Step Up Enziguri blends Japanese wrestling flavours with the traditional British-style diet of the WAW Galaxy. Ryan Richards is the real deal, so there’s nothing he hates more than a fake. He can accept when he’s beaten by a better man: but he can’t abide sneaks and cheats.

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