Steven Willett

Steven Willett

Name: Steven Willett

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight: 15st 9lb

From: Watton, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2018

Signature Move(s): Gator | Jump-Over Neckbreaker | Rebound Clothesline

Accolades: None

Other Information: Steven Willett looks like a bruiser but he’s actually a surprisingly lithe technical submission wrestler. His move set leaves crowds and his opponents gasping; Willett favours following up a jump-over neckbreaker with a Gator submission or reverse DDT.

Out of the ring, he keeps the shelves full as a manager at a local convenience store. Inside it, his opponents discover that their desire to win fair and square is currently out of stock. Steven is too “Sporting” for his own good – both in the ring and ethically.

He’s often victim of foul play from opponents who would rather win dirty than lose clean. He never complains to the referee, he’ll never snitch, and he’ll always shake his opponent’s hand.

Starting his career a little later than many of his WAW Academy peers, Willett needs to look towards the future and decide if he wants to be remembered as a nice guy, or as a champion.

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