Name: Swede

Height: Unknown     Weight: Unknown

From: Fakenham, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2005

Signature Move(s): Stalling Suplex | Big Boot | Chokeslam | Rock Bottom | Scandinavian Submission

Accolades: British Tag Team Champion x1 | Academy Champion x1 | Academy Tag Team Champion x1

Other Information: Swede no longer sees himself as long-time Midas Stable enforcer SAS. He’s a powerhouse who spent years wasting his talents serving as the silent muscle for his former employer, Tommy Lee.

Now he’s hoping to make his own way into the spotlight – but those lights can be blinding, and it’s hard to see who’s sneaking up on you. Two former foes, the UK Hooligans, are trying to nudge Swede in the right direction, can they help him become his own man?

Swede’s in-ring style emulates his 80s and 90s wrestling heroes, and he’s certainly got the move set to deliver: his stalling suplex can demolish the ring by introducing his opponents to the effects of gravity, his big boot breaks teeth, and his chokeslam is equally breathtaking for recipients and onlookers.

One thing he does need to improve is his ring awareness, it’s the first time in years he hasn’t been part of a group and needs to start looking out for himself.

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