Brad O’Brien

Brad O'Brien WAW Roster Photo

Name: Brad O’Brien

Height: 5ft 9in     Weight: 12st

From: Stansted, Essex

Wrestling Debut: 2010

Signature Move(s): Saving Face | Moonsault

Accolades: World Light Heavyweight Champion x2 | European Heavyweight Champion x1 | Open Light Heavyweight Champion x3 | Academy Champion x1

Other Information: Brad O’Brien started off his wrestling career as a happy-go-lucky teenager, who cared more about exciting the crowd than results inside the ring. However, he soon began to notice that female sections of the audience gave him the most attention of all, and began focusing on his appearance to keep them happy. Soon, this became an obsession and he cared only about maintaining his looks, looking to avoid damage to his “beauty” at all costs.

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