Dillon Slade

Dillon Slade

Name: Dillon Slade

Height: 5ft 7in     Weight: 11st

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Debut: 2016

Signature Move(s): Go To Sleep | Cannonball | Mini-Cutter

Accolades: Under-23 Champion x1

Other Information: Dillon Slade is the reigning WAW Under-23 Champion but doesn’t seem to appreciate it much. In pursuit of ‘bigger opportunities’, Slade aligned himself with the disgruntled and narcissistic Brad O’Brien. The self-styled Cult of Couture looked to disrupt WAW and right wrongs for its supposedly ‘forgotten’ members.

But, with O’Brien and Opie Jackson both out of action, Dillon is on his own and scanning the horizon for a new path. In doing so, he’s lost sight of the hungry pack of young wrestlers eyeing up his current championship title.

He’s also drawn the ire of the WAW faithful – who labelled him ‘scum’ for mocking crowd favourite James Chilvers and his visual impairment. Rumours abound that Slade has been looking to spread his wings; whether he’s cannonballing his way to the top remains to be seen.

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