Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall WAW Roster Photo

Name: Drew Marshall

Height: 6ft 3in     Weight: 12st 7lb

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Debut: 2007

Signature Move(s): Superkick | Whiskey and Water | Done

Accolades: Academy Champion x1

Other Information: Irn Drew Marshall hails from Glasgow. His thick Scottish brogue makes it hard for the crowd to understand what he’s saying – and they let him know by chanting ‘what?’ every time he opens his mouth to speak.

But in the ring, his actions speak louder than any words. Irn Drew wants to win – and when he’s focused, it’s hard for anyone to stop him getting what he wants. The Scottish Superman held the WAW Academy Championship for more than a year, his first taste of gold ending on a bitter moment when Ryan Richards become an unexpected challenger.

The Scottish Superman is feared for Done – the destructive Lariat that turns opponents of all sizes inside out. Whiskey and Water puts recipients to sleep like a nice dream at the end of an evening. His Superkick has the older fans whispering comparisons to the great Shawn Michaels.

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