Name: Villman

Height: 6ft 1in     Weight: 13st 7lb

From: Oslo, Norway

Wrestling Debut: 2013

Signature Move(s): Discuss Forearm | Curb Stomp

Accolades: World Light Heavyweight Champion x1 | Open Light Heavyweight Champion x2 | Academy Tag Team Champion x1 | RQW European Cruiserweight Champion x1

Other Information: A mysterious masked figure from Norway, Villman first arrived in WAW as tag team partner to his compatriot Aron Frost. The partnership didn’t last long, however, leading Villman to join a succession of groups as he looked for the right place for him. This eventually led him to create his own cult-like group, claiming followers against their will and moulding them into his own image. Villman is known for frequently participating in ladder matches with no regard for his own safety. Such a high-risk, high reward mentality doesn’t always pay off, it has seen him win the Sky’s The Limit briefcase twice and led to successful cash-ins on both occasions.

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