WAW Epic Encounters 6: A Rowdy Farewell

WAW Epic Encounters 6: A Rowdy Farewell

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WAW Epic Encounters 6: A Rowdy Farewell Card:

1. The Essex Boys [Paul Tyrrell & Phil Powers] versus Aron Frost & Robbie Dynamite

2. Mal Sanders versus Barry Cooper in a World of Sport Challenge match

3. Syd Parker versus Milky O’Hagan versus Alex Young

4. Team Major League [PN News, Luke Hawx & Doug Williams] versus Team HEW [Sam Knee, Brett Meadows & Dominator] versus Army of 3 [Scott Fusion, Aaron Sharp & Sam Slam] versus Team Old School [Blondie Barratt]

5. Freedom & Fire (c) versus The Battlekats [Battlekat III & PJ Knight] versus The BourneStarrs [Joey Ozbourne & Mitchell Starr] versus Dynamo Gray & Mikey Nitro versus Special Edition [Brad Slayer & Kip Sabin] versus The Metalheads [Axl Lynch & Rexx Wyld] versus The Legion of Dudes [Keifer Knowles & Peter Nixon] versus Marco Marinelli & Mark Nelson versus Next Generation [Brad O’Brien & Scott Bradley] versus Hot and Sexy [Hot Stuff & Tony Valentine] in a Ladder match for the WAW British Tag Team Championship

6. Judas (c) versus King Kendo for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship

7. Danny Blaze versus Jonny Storm

8. Roy Knight (c) versus Ricky Knight versus Zak Knight in a Hardcore Builder’s Cage match for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship

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