WAW Trouble at the Talk 3

WAW Trouble at the Talk 3

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WAW Trouble at the Talk 3 Card:

1. Mr. Williams versus Max Peach

2. 16 Man Rumble for the vacant ECTA Junior Championship

3. Roy Knight versus Tommy & Jimmy Joe Lee in a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Handicap match

4. The Essex Boys [Paul Tyrrell & Phil Powers] (c) versus Special Edition [Brad Slayer & Kip Sabin] (c) versus The Battlekats [Battlekat III & PJ Knight] versus The BourneStarrs [Joey Ozbourne & Mitchell Starr] versus Team EWW [Dominator  AWOL] versus The Freedom Fighters [Malky Taggart & Scotty Edgar] versus Midas Security [SAS & Big J Johnson] versus Keegan & Ruffneck for the WAW British Tag Team & ECTA Tag Team Championships

5. Robin Lekime (c) versus Jody Fleisch for the WAW European Heavyweight Championship

6. King Kendo & Destiny versus Ricky & Saraya Knight

7. Alex Young (c) versus Villman for the RQW European Cruiserweight Championship

8. Sam Knee (c) versus Hot Stuff for the HEW Heavyweight Championship

9. Steve Corino (c) versus Zak Knight for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship

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