Zak Knight Shoot Interview

Zak Knight Shoot Interview

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In this shoot interview, Zak Knight opens up about his personal life from inside the ring to outside of the ring. The main subjects that Zak talks about are his early life growing up to TNA/WWE tryouts. Zak tells it like it is.

Zak also touches on the rest of his family in the wrestling business, his proudest moments, and also his darkest times. He has undoubtedly become one of the best wrestlers and trainers in the business.

Zak also gives us an insight into running WAW with his father Ricky Knight, the UK Hooligans, and what WAW’s future holds. The Original Zodiac of British wrestling sits down with Rob Butler and tells all in this uncut and x-rated shoot.

The Zak Knight Shoot Interview DVD is part of a series of shoot interviews with the Knight family.

Also available on WAW/Bellatrix OnDemand.

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