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    • WAW Fight For Your Right


      WAW Fight For Your Right Card: 1. Villman versus Peter Nixon vs Max Rotten versus PJ Knight versus Kevin Kelly 2. Jimmy Ocean versus Aaron O’Malley in a British Rules match 3. Destiny versus Sammi Baynz in a Lumberjack match 4. Hardcore Rumble 5. Ricky Knight Jr & Alexander Young versus KOSS Industries in a Ladder match for the WAW…

    • WAW Poringland 24/11/19


      WAW Poringland 24/11/19 Card: 1. Mitchell Starr versus TJ Daniels 2. Leia Elise versus Angel 3. Villman versus Cody Hall 4. Steve Quintain versus Saraya Knight in a British Rules match 5. Jaiden Docwra versus Sam Santari versus Battlekat Eli 6. The Art of Pro Wrestling [Ricky Knight Jr, Tony Knight & Alexander Young] versus The Knight Dynasty [Ricky Knight,…

    • WAW Beccles Brawl 10


      WAW Beccles Brawl 10 Card: 1. Mitchell Starr versus Craig Stephens 2. Villman versus Big J Johnson 3. Drew Marshall & Mike Musso versus The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] 4. Charlie Winston versus Saqib Ali 5. Maddison Miles versus Trai-cie 6. Jaiden Docwra versus Brad Slayer versus PJ Knight

    • WAW Lingwood 12/10/19


      WAW Lingwood 12/10/19 Card: 1. Steve Quintain versus Battlekat SL 2. Maddison Miles & Violet O’Hara versus Fifi & TJ 3. Jaiden Docwra versus Roy Knight in a WAW Premier League match 4. Ricky Knight (c) versus Ivan Trevors for the IPW Seniors Championship 5. TJ Daniels versus Marvel Marcus 6. Ricky Knight Jr (c) versus Keegan for the WAW…

    • WAW Lingwood 14/03/20


      WAW Lingwood 14/03/20 Card: 1. Jaiden Docwra versus Aaron O’Malley 2. Villman versus James Chilvers 3. The Cult of Couture [Dillon Slade & Opie Jackson] versus Roy Knight & Ruffneck 4. Keegan versus Kevin Lee Davidson 5. The Foji [Risphal Singh & Onkar Singh] versus The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL] versus Brad Slayer & PJ Knight versus The…

    • WAW Attleborough Anarchy 7


      WAW Attleborough Anarchy 7 Card: 1. Ricky Knight & ??? versus The Battlekats 2. The Mummy versus John Summers 3. PJ Knight versus Brad Slayer 4. Team Saraya versus Team Vanessa in an Elimination match 5. 10 Man Battle Royal to earn the #30 spot in the Crusher Mason Memorial Rumble 6. Jaiden Docwra versus Keegan to become #1 contender…

    • WAW Attleborough Anarchy 8


      WAW Attleborough Anarchy 8 Card: 1. Mitchell Starr versus Ricky Knight 2. Karama versus TJ 3. Ashton versus Crazy Carlton 4. Tony Knight (c) versus Keegan for the UWE British Heavyweight Championship 5. Lady Bella van der Velt versus Fiona versus Vanessa 6. Villman, Jaiden Docwra & Dillon Slade versus Brad Slayer, PJ Knight & Ricky Knight Jr 7. WAW…

    • WAW Beccles Brawl 11


      WAW Beccles Brawl 11 Card: 1. Mitchell Starr versus Marvel Marcus 2. Ryan Kidd versus Brad Slayer 3. Maddison Miles & Lisa Lace versus Violet O’Hara & Karama 4. King Kendo versus Big J Johnson 5. Jaiden Docwra versus Steve Quintain 6. Rylie Jackson & Levy Cruise versus PJ Knight & Ricky Knight Jr

    • Roy Knight Shoot Interview


      In this shoot interview, Roy Knight finally sits down and talks openly about his personal life. Going from his childhood where he was abused to his relationship with his dad and sister Nikki. There is a lot to Roy Knight that might shock a few people if they didn’t know him. Roy also touches on the rest of his family…

    • Saraya Knight Shoot Interview


      In this shoot interview, Saraya Knight opens up about her personal life from her childhood through to the present day and tells it as it is. Straight talking and pulling no punches; no subject is left unanswered. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. After meeting Ricky in the wrestling business, Saraya Knight became a manager for the Superflys, later becoming a…

    • Zak Knight Shoot Interview


      In this shoot interview, Zak Knight opens up about his personal life from inside the ring to outside of the ring. The main subjects that Zak talks about are his early life growing up to TNA/WWE tryouts. Zak tells it like it is. Zak also touches on the rest of his family in the wrestling business, his proudest moments, and…

    • WAW Thetford Thunder 12


      Thetford Thunder 12 was filmed at the Carnegie Room in Thetford on Sunday 15th September 2019.

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