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Bellatrix Results – 25/06/21

1. Princess defeated TJ (c) by pinfall to win the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

2. The Fi Amigos [Fifi & Fiona] defeated Trai-cie & Freyja Nyx when Fifi pinned Trai-cie.

3. Tuka defeated Abbie Connor by submission with Violet O’Hara as the special guest referee.

– Maddison Miles issued an open challenge after her scheduled opponent, Lizzy Styles, was unable to appear.

4. Maddison Miles (c) defeated Lady Bella van der Velt with Mr. Hayward by pinfall to retain the DOA UK Women’s Championship. Miles used her title belt as a weapon to strike Lady Bella.

5. Karama defeated Lory by pinfall.

– Lory said that she is back to stay after 4 years away from Bellatrix, before telling Karama that she had earned her respect. When the pair shook hands, Lory grabbed Karama and hit a German suplex, taunting Karama as she left the ring.

6. Annabelle defeated Lilith by submission.

7. Saraya Knight defeated Vanessa by disqualification when Vanessa pushed referee Rob Butler.

– Vanessa challenged Saraya Knight to another match, claiming she was close to winning until another bad referee decision went against her. Saraya refused because she won the last two matches, leading to a tense stand off between the duo that was only broken up when Zak Knight announced a Chain match for Sunday’s Over 18s Show.

8. Destiny (c) defeated Dominita by two falls to one in a British Rules match to retain the Bellatrix British Championship.
– Destiny pinned Dominita in the third round.
– Dominita pinned Destiny in the fourth round.
– Destiny pinned Dominita in the seventh round.

Bellatrix Results - 25/06/21
Bellatrix Results - 25/06/21
Bellatrix Results - 25/06/21
Bellatrix Results - 25/06/21
Bellatrix Results - 25/06/21

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