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WAW Elite versus Academy Results 18/10/20

WAW Elite versus Academy Results 18/10/20

1. Marvel Marcus defeated Drew Marshall.

2. Karama defeated Princess.

3. The ART of Pro Wrestling [Ricky Knight Jr & PJ Knight] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL].

4. Keegan defeated Joe Bell.

5. Zak Knight won a Gauntlet match.
– Zak Knight defeated Oscar Hyde.
– Zak Knight defeated Mr. Hayward.
– Zak Knight defeated Nemesis.

6. Oscar Hyde won a 19 Man Rumble by last eliminating Marvel Marcus. The match also featured Ricky Knight Jr, Ryan Richards, Drew Marshall, Steve Sharrocks, Warrior Jason, Rip Parker, PJ Knight, Battlekat SL, Mr. Hayward, Zak Knight, Keegan, Scott Clark, Meemo, Dynamo Grey, Joe Bell, Nemesis, and Skeletor. Hyde hid under the ring for most of the match.

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