Relive your favourite WAW Attleborough wrestling events, including Attleborough Anarchy 7-8 & the Lionheart Memorial Show. UK shipping available on all DVDs.

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    • WAW Attleborough Anarchy 7


      WAW Attleborough Anarchy 7 Card: 1. Ricky Knight & ??? versus The Battlekats 2. The Mummy versus John Summers 3. PJ Knight versus Brad Slayer 4. Team Saraya versus Team Vanessa in an Elimination match 5. 10 Man Battle Royal to earn the #30 spot in the Crusher Mason Memorial Rumble 6. Jaiden Docwra versus Keegan to become #1 contender…

    • WAW Attleborough Anarchy 8


      WAW Attleborough Anarchy 8 Card: 1. Mitchell Starr versus Ricky Knight 2. Karama versus TJ 3. Ashton versus Crazy Carlton 4. Tony Knight (c) versus Keegan for the UWE British Heavyweight Championship 5. Lady Bella van der Velt versus Fiona versus Vanessa 6. Villman, Jaiden Docwra & Dillon Slade versus Brad Slayer, PJ Knight & Ricky Knight Jr 7. WAW…

    • WAW Lionheart Memorial Show


      WAW Lionheart Memorial Show Card: 1. Opie Jackson versus Marvel Marcus versus Dillon Slade versus Eli versus Sam for the vacant WAW Academy Championship 2. Jason Digby versus Ruffneck 3. Senior Citizens Open Challenge 4. CW Davies & Jaiden Docwra versus The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] 5. Brad Slayer (c) versus PJ Knight for the DOA UK Heavyweight…

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