WAW/Bellatrix OnDemand includes over 26 years of shows across our entire history, including the first-ever WAW show from January 1994, War of ’94. You’ll get to relive the biggest moments in WAW history including Rey Mysterio’s 2017 debut, Ricky Knight Jr winning the WAW World Heavyweight Championship last year at Fightmare 3, and Ricky Knight Sr winning the WAW World Heavyweight Championship in his 2013 retirement match. Bellatrix Female Warriors will also be featured, showcasing some of the best women’s wrestling in the world.

You can subscribe for just £6 a month, with so many hours of content to keep you occupied that more fresh content will already have been added before you can finish. Whether you’re re-living your favourite WAW and Bellatrix moments or experiencing them for the first time, we guarantee that this on-demand service has something for you.


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