WAW Young Performers

Professional Wrestling School for Kids

Our Young Performers wrestling classes are for children aged between 6 and 15. We train boys and girls together to ensure that both genders learn to treat each other equally and respectfully. Classes typically take place in the evening during school term times. These sessions give kids a chance to burn off any excess energy they may have left after the school day.

While our adult wrestling school includes all aspects of learning how to become a professional wrestler, the WAWYP focuses on less physically intense training. This includes teaching the basics of British technical wrestling, which focuses more on wrestling holds and ring movement, avoiding the more rigorous impact you might see adult wrestlers experience.

We also believe in the importance of encouraging children to improve their personal fitness, improve their confidence as individuals, and understand the importance of self-defence. A sense of community is fostered between our youth trainees through a variety of team-building and trust exercises. The aim here is to help children develop positive social skills by promoting a friendly group atmosphere.

Joining the WAWYP provides a unique wrestling experience for your child. Many boys and girls watch wrestling because the bright and colourful personalities of their favourite wrestlers inspire them. Rather than simply pretending to be John Cena or Becky Lynch, our wrestling school offers youths the chance to feel more like their heroes in a healthy and supportive environment. Safety is of the utmost importance in the WAW Academy, including protecting the safety of young people. Our robust Safeguarding Policy means all of our approved youth wrestling trainers are DBS-checked and trained in health and safety procedures.

We offer one free session to all new starters, which means your child can experience a session and let you know if they want to continue without any commitment. Simply fill out the contact form below to find out more or book your child in for their first wrestling class today!

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