Referee, Commentator & Ring Announcer Training

Professional Wrestling Referee School

Do you want to get involved in wrestling but don’t think an in-ring career is right for you? We also cater to individuals who want to try their hand at less physically demanding roles. Our non-wrestling training sessions are for you if you want to become a referee, commentator, ring announcer/MC, or learn more about event production.


Knowing how to officiate a match is harder than it looks. There’s more to this highly demanding role than just counting to three, the wrestling rule book is longer than any novel. To be a referee you need to understand the ring inside and out, including how to set one up. Knowing how a ring is supposed to sound and feel is an important part of keeping everyone involved in a match safe at all times.

Our refereeing course provides the basics of being a wrestling referee or can help experienced referees enhance their knowledge.


Watching a match and knowing the names of wrestlers, and the moves they’re performing is one thing, being able to informatively communicate that knowledge in real time is a challenge on a completely different level. Good commentary can heighten the drama unfolding in the ring, adding to the overall presentation of filmed events in a way that can’t be matched by anything else outside of the ropes.

Find out how to keep up with fast-paced action, and unpredictable events, and how to develop an in-depth understanding of the wrestlers competing at an event.

Ring Announcer/MC

Learn how to set the stage for in-ring action as a ring announcer, providing the audience with important details about the matches taking place at a live event. Every wrestler has a unique way of being introduced, it’s the responsibility of a good MC to ensure they know what information is needed to introduce contestants correctly.

Understand how to conduct research into a match card before any microphones are switched on and you’ll be in a good position to engage the crowd.

Production Crew

Filming a wrestling match isn’t as simple as pointing a camera at the ring and hoping for the best. Ringside camera work requires an understanding of how to frame shots, follow the action, and be mindful of your surroundings at all times.

Backstage production includes setting up backstage promos, managing the PA system, how and when to cue entrance music, operating lighting and smoke machines with expert timing, and adjusting audio levels in a rapidly changing performance environment.

All non-wrestler training takes place at the WAW Academy and Performance Centre in Norwich, Norfolk.

Ricky Knight Jr vs. Jaiden Docwra

How to Travel to our Wrestling School

The WAW Academy and Performance Centre is situated at 3a Diamond Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6AN, less than one mile away from Norwich Airport and with good bus connections to Norwich City Centre.

Norwich is approximately a 2.5-hour drive north-east of London via the M11 and A11, and a 3-hour drive east of Birmingham via the A14 and A11.

Our nearest bus stop is on Vulcan Road North, served by the Purple Line Bus 38 heading north towards Ives Road. Buses return to Norwich City Centre from nearby stops on the opposite side of the road.