– Ricky Knight and Keegan inducted Sandy Scott into the WAW Hall of Fame.

– Ricky Knight Jr stated that he is vacating the WAW British Heavyweight Championship, as he doesn’t feel he can defend it alongside the WAW World Heavyweight title too. He was interrupted by Marco Marinelli, the #1 contender for the British Heavyweight title. Former British champion Sam Santari confronted RKJ and demanded a rematch for the title, as he wasn’t pinned in the Three Stages of Hell match two days earlier. Jaiden Docwra interrupted and pointed out that he had beaten RKJ, Marinelli, and Santari in the past. RKJ suggested that, as he was vacating the title, the other three wrestlers could compete for it instead.

1. Marco Marinelli defeated Sam Santari and Jaiden Docwra by pinfall when he pinned Docwra to win the vacant WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

– Tony Knight revealed that only one person had kept in touch with him while he was out with injury – Tommy Lee.

2. Tony Knight w/Tommy Lee defeated Rishi Ghosh by pinfall after using brass knuckles.

3. The Beards [Mad Dog & Atlas] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL] by pinfall when Atlas pinned SL.

– PJ Knight revealed that, after retaining the WAW European Heavyweight Championship in Saturday night’s Three Stages of Hell match, he had failed a medical and would not be able to compete in his scheduled match against Robbie X. Robbie interrupted PJ and claimed he would be returning home disappointed. PJ told Robbie that he may not be facing him tonight, but he would be facing a Knight…

4. Zak Knight w/PJ Knight defeated Robbie X by pinfall after Roy Knight hit Robbie with a steel chair. During the match, Tony Knight attacked Zak with brass knuckles.

– Robbie X offered to return to WAW to face PJ Knight when he’s cleared to wrestle.

5. Nathan Cruz defeated Brad Slayer by submission.

– Adam Maxted claimed that he would beat Ricky Knight Jr for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship, take the title home, and then gladly never return to the company.

6. Ricky Knight Jr (c) defeated Adam Maxted to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.