1. Old School [Ricky Knight, Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors & Paul Tyrrell] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli, Battlekat SL, Battlekat Jacob & Battlekat Josh] in an Elimination Tag match.
– Trevors eliminated Jacob.
– Knight eliminated Josh.
– Eli eliminated Quintain.
– SL eliminated Knight.
– Tyrrell eliminated SL.
– Eli eliminated Trevors. MC Briony went backstage to deal with an ongoing incident.
– Tyrrell eliminated Eli after MC Benjamin interfered.

2. Tony Knight versus Winston ended in a double disqualification when both men began brawling using closed fists.

– Brad O’Brien revealed that he’s been looking forward to this match and wants to prove himself as “more than just a pretty face” by defeating Saraya Knight in a technical wrestling match. Saraya agreed to Brad’s request but dismissed his ability to keep up with her.

3. Saraya Knight (c) defeated Brad O’Brien by submission when she used the ropes for leverage to retain the WAW People’s Championship.

– Saraya Knight applauded Brad O’Brien’s commitment to his career as a professional wrestler, but that he isn’t good enough to beat her.

– The East Anglian Killers’ manager Mike Check tried to introduce his clients but was drowned out by the crowd chanting for the UK Hooligans and Ricky Knight Jr.

4. The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] & Ricky Knight Jr defeated The East Anglian Killers [Lewis Williams & Ryan Boyne] & Brett Semtex by pinfall. Steve Quintain attacked Roy during the match. Semtex attacked his teammates and walked out on the match when the EAK refused to let him pin RKJ.

5. Nathan Cruz defeated Marco Marinelli (c) by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.
– Marinelli pinned Cruz in the first round.
– Cruz pinned Marinelli in the third round.
– Marinelli submitted to Cruz in the fifth round.

6. Sean Kustom defeated Jaiden Docwra by pinfall.

7. PJ Knight (c) defeated Dan Moloney by pinfall to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Dan Moloney attacked PJ Knight after the match. Zak Knight ran out to confront Moloney but “Drilla” fled the ring. Zak told Moloney that he didn’t want to wait until their scheduled match in Lowestoft and invited him back into the ring. Moloney refused and left the ringside area.

8. Keegan won the 2021 Carols & Carnage Battle Royal by last eliminating Mr. Hayward. The match also featured Scott Clark, Sir Ryan matthews, Ryan Richards, Kobe Nitro, Pig Paddy, Steven Willett, Mace Heyder, Steve Sharrocks, Rip Parker and Oscar Hyde.