The WAW shop at Rose Lane in Norwich celebrated its second birthday on July 1st. Our grand opening in 2017 saw legendary luchador Juventud Guerrera join over 100 excited fans for a special meet and greet. Numerous stars have dropped by since including WAW Commissioners Scott Hall and Mick Foley, as well as Norwich City footballing icon Grant Holt.

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Fittingly manned by none other than Michael Mann, the shop has become a staple haunt for fans to buy the latest WAW merchandise and tickets to our live wrestling events. Michael is often joined by members of the WAW roster who enjoy interacting with their fans in a slightly more casual atmosphere. It is also the location of the WAW Fan Slam podcast providing updates on upcoming shows and the latest product spotlights, hosted by Michael with the assistance of Lesroy Hanley.




“It is an interesting life here in the shop but wouldn’t change it for the world”

Michael Mann

There’s more to our Rose Lane location than just the shop, however. Behind the scenes you can often find the Knight family planning events in their private offices, the WAW Championship Committee determining who has earned the right to future title matches, roster members keeping themselves fit in the cardio and weights rooms, and the next generation of wrestling stars training in our dedicated ring room. These facilities allow the WAW and Bellatrix rosters to keep themselves at the top of their game. The WAWYC also takes advantage of the ring, giving the youngest eager trainees a chance to start their wrestling careers from an early age. If your children are wrestling-obsessed, why not bring them down at 6pm on a Wednesday night for our weekly intake session with PJ Knight?

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We’re always happy to welcome you into our home so feel free to come down and visit our Norwich headquarters, check out our latest merchandise, and chat with Michael about upcoming events. If you aren’t able to visit you can also see our products in our online wrestling shop.