1. Nocturne with Sandy Scott defeated Big J Johnson with Tony Knight, SAS and Kerron by pinfall when he pinned Kerron.

2. Peter Nixon defeated Jason King by pinfall.

3. Marvel Marcus defeated Ryan Matthews by pinfall.

4. Violet O’Hara, Vanessa, Fifi, Fiona & TJ defeated Lady Bella van der Velt, Leia Elise, Karama, LA Taylor & Echo Reed in an Eliminaton match. Fiona was the last Warrior standing.

5. The Cult of Couture [Opie Jackson & Dylan Slade] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL] by pinfall when Jackson pinned Eli.

– Roy Knight challenged the Cult of Couture to a tag team match in Lingwood on Saturday 14th March.

6. Keegan defeated Saraya Knight by one fall to none in a British Rules match.

7. Tony Knight with Big J Johnson & Scott Edgar defeated Nemesis by pinfall.

8. Villman & Villman #2 defeated Brad Slayer & PJ Knight by two falls to one.