– Commissioner Zak Knight ordered Roy Knight to hand over his World Tag Team title belt or be removed from Fightmare. Tommy Lee appeared on behalf of Roy to state that a World champion isn’t required to appear at Academy shows. Zak asserted his threat to remove Roy from Fightmare. This threat saw Roy enter from the crowd and admit that the belt was on its way. Zak told Roy to stick around and sign the match contract for Fightmare overseen by members of the Knight family.

– After the signing, Roy stated that he refused to wrestle in the main event tonight. Zak accepted on the condition that Roy find a replacement, to which Roy said he had already done so. Tony Knight attacked RKJ from behind and embraced Roy, revealing himself as that replacement. Ricky Knight called Tony a traitor as officials held him back, swearing that he and Zak would make Tony pay for his betrayal.

1. Karl Kramer defeated Finley by pinfall.

– Peter Nixon offered to put the Open Light Heavyweight title on the line to give Villman his rematch, and to give Marvel Marcus ad Opie Jackson a big opportunity.

2. Peter Nixon (c) defeated Marvel Marcus, Opie Jackson and Villman last eliminating Villman in an Elimination match when Imogen distracted Villman to retain the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship.

– Imogen blamed Villman’s cult for her six month injury and challenged Villman to a match; if Villman wins she’ll join his cult, if she wins he has to leave her alone. Commissioner Zak Knight intervened, saying that he will take the challenge to the WAW Committee to be approved for the next Academy show.

3. King Kendo with Tommy Lee defeated Keegan with Sandy Scott, Sam, Jacob and Dillon Slade last eliminating Keegan in a Gauntlet match.

– Commissioner Zak Knight scolded Tommy Lee for disregarding Sandy Scott’s legendary career. Zak suggested a challenge that Lee and Scott each take on a new client, with a match taking place between the two to see which manager’s approach is the more effective.

4. Paddy Taggart defeated Villman #2 by pinfall.

5. Leia Elise won a 12 Warrior Battle Royal last eliminating Lilith to earn the right to name her own #1 contender. Lilith became the #1 contender to the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

– Leia Elise attempted to deny anyone a shot at the Bellatrix British Championship but reluctantly named Annabelle.

6. Jason Digby defeated Eli by pinfall after a low blow.

7. The Foji [Onkar & Rishpal Singh] defeated Senior Citizens [Steve Quintain & Nemesis] by pinfall. The Foji will be added to the WAW World Tag Team Chamionship match at Fightmare.

8. Ox Mason defeated Steve Willett by pinfall.

– Tommy Lee demanded to know whether Ricky Knight Jr and Brad Slayer had found a third team mate. RKJ shockingly introduced his uncle Zak Knight as his team’s replacement for Grant Holt, who was unable to attend due to charity commitments.

9. Ricky Knight Jr, Brad Slayer & Zak Knight defeated Tony Knight, Peter Edgar & Tommy Lee with Roy Knight by pinfall when RKJ pinned Edgar. Tony, Edgar, and Lee will be banned from ringside during the Fightmare main event. During the match, referee Karl Smith ejected Roy from ringside for repeated interference.