1. Brutus, Rip Parker, Sharrocks & Joe Bell defeated The YPC [CT, Josh, Bohdan & Carlton] w/Molls & Adam by pinfall when Bell pinned Bohdan.

2. La Flama defeated Rocket Raistlin by pinfall.

3. Dillon Slade defeated Brandon Innes, Steven Willett and Tate Sibley by pinfall when he pinned Sibley.

4. The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] defeated The Quintains [Steve Quintain & Dan Quintain] by pinfall when Matthews pinned Dan after Hayward hit him with an illegal object.

– Steve Quintain revealed that he will be taking a hiatus while he undergoes cancer treatment. He said that he’ll return soon and hopes to have a Senior Citizens reunion match alongside Nemesis.

5. Scott Clark defeated Gorgon by pinfall.

6. Tuka defeated TJ by submission.

7. Swede defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall.

– Eli Sultan and Sam Lofty said they decided to abandon their Battlekat masks and join PJ Knight’s Foundation because they were sick of seeing Insert Name Here get all the attention for their silly antics.

8. Insert Name Here [Kobe Nitro & Oscar Hyde] defeated The Foundation [Eli Sultan & Sam Bates] by pinfall when Hyde pinned Bates.

– The Foundation attacked Insert Name Here until they were confronted and chased off by the returning Brad Slayer! Slayer told the Foundation that everyone is tired of their underhanded tactics and group attacks. He said that he’s back and laid down the challenge for any Foundation member to face him at WAW May Mayhem. PJ replied that he knows the fans want to see him face Slayer but instead accepted Slayer’s challenge on behalf of Swede.