[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. Mitchell Starr defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall.

2. Villman defeated Big J Johnson by pinfall.

3. The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] defeated Drew Marshall & Mike Musso by pinfall when Roy pinned Marshall.

4. Charlie Winston defeated Ali Saqib by pinfall.

5. Maddison Miles versus Trai-cie ended in a no contest.

– Beccles Mayor Andrew Downes, who was sitting in the front row, ordered Maddison Miles to stop fighting underhandedly in her town. Miles refused and challenged Downes to a fight, but backed down when the Mayor seemed ready to defend the honour of Beccles.

6. Brad Slayer defeated PJ Knight and Jaiden Docwra by submission when he submitted Docwra.

– Drew Marshall, Mike Musso, Craig Stephens and Saqib Ali attacked Brad Slayer and PJ Knight. The four Scottish wrestlers fled the ring when Big J Johnson, Milky O’Hagan, Mr Hayward and the Battlekats came to the rescue. Marshall grabbed a microphone and criticised the WAW fans for not getting behind any of the Scottish wrestlers, challenging any four wrestlers from the WAW locker room to face them tomorrow night at October Outrage in Lowestoft. PJ Knight revealed that Dale Broughton had pulled out of his scheduled European Heavyweight title defence, meaning that he no longer had a match, and neither does Brad Slayer. Zak Knight joined his nephew in the ring after the crowd called for the UK Hooligans to join them, stating that they wouldn’t be available. However, in their place, PJ and Slayer will be joined by Peter Nixon and a mystery partner.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]