1. Fiona defeated Princess by submission.

2. Lady Bella van der Velt w/The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] defeated Fifi by disqualification when Matthews threw his briefcase into the ring and Fifi accidentally threw Lady Bella on it.

– Lady Bella van der Velt showed her displeasure towards The Staff for the way they interfered in the match. Sir Ryan Matthews claimed it was to ensure her victory, but Lady Bella wasn’t having it and continued to chastise them.

– Annabelle issued an open challenge with her Bellatrix Academy Championship on the line.

3. Annabelle (c) defeated Mollie by submission to retain the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

– Saraya Knight congratulated Mollie for giving it her all and stepping up to the plate for her Bellatrix Academy debut from Young Performers.

4. Leia Elise versus Karama ended in a 15-minute time limit draw.

5. Vanessa defeated Destiny by pinfall after hitting Destiny with the Bellatrix World Championship title belt.

– Destiny attacked Vanessa after the match until she was confronted by Bellatrix owner Saraya Knight. Saraya accused Destiny of being disrespectful in her role as the Bellatrix World champion.

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