1. TJ defeated Lilith and Ellie B by countout.

2. Annabelle defeated Meisha by pinfall.

– Annabelle transformed Meisha into another member of her doll collection.

3. Madison Lee defeated Abbie Connor (c) by submission to win the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

4. Charlene Taggart, Zeeva & Fifi defeated Imogen, Vanessa & Mary Cox by pinfall when Fifi pinned Imogen.

5. Tiny Maddie defeated Tilly, Katie, Darcy, Mini Maddie and Harmony in a Gauntlet match.
– Tilly pinned Mini Maddie.
– Katie pinned Tilly.
– Katie pinned Darcy.
– Tiny Maddie pinned Katie.
– Harmony submitted to Tiny Maddie.

6. Leia Elise defeated Karama (c) by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the Bellatrix British Championship.

– Saraya Knight entered the ring to award Leia Elise with her newly won championship belt only for Karama to snatch it away. Karama then handed it to Elise herself and embraced her longtime rival. Saraya added that, because of Karama’s fighting spirit, she would receive a title shot against European champion Amarah in the near future.