– Trai-cie criticised MC Briony Thompson for not being available at the previous show, forcing Trai-cie to step up and show her how it’s done. Briony slapped Trai-cie, leading to a brawl that required ringside attendants to separate the two.

1. Trai-cie defeated Princess (c) by pinfall when Angel distracted Princess to win the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

2. Tony Knight defeated Aaron O’Malley by disqualification after Tony faked being hit by an illegal weapon.

3. Marvel Marcus versus Battlekat Eli w/Battlekat SL ended in a no contest when Marcus suffered an injury.

4. Jaiden Docwra defeated PJ Knight by pinfall when Brad Slayer interfered.

– PJ Knight called out Brad Slayer’s cowardly actions, adding that Slayer needs to prove himself worthy of a title shot by earning it, not by attacking the champion.

– Briony Thompson announced that she had requested and received a match against Trai-cie at the Bellatrix show on Friday 22nd October.

5. The Fi Amigos [Fifi & Fiona] defeated Pure Filth [Saraya Knight & Angel] by pinfall when they both pinned Angel. Saraya was disqualified for a low blow during the match.

– Saraya Knight argued with referee Benjamin over his “unfair” decision to disqualify her and then allow both members of Fi Amigos to make the pin. She began slapping Benjamin and challenged him to a fight. Benjamin stepped out of the ring as Zak Knight intervened, supporting Benjamin’s decisions. Saraya Knight then challenged Benjamin to a Chain match inside a steel cage at the Over 18s show on  Sunday 24th October. Zak refused to sanction the match unless Benjamin can provide proof of medical clearance to compete, with both Benjamin and Saraya accepted.

6. Brad Slayer defeated Battlekat SL w/Battlekat Eli by submission.

– Brad Slayer refused to release the hold until Battlekat Eli entered the ring to save his partner. Eli received a powerbomb for his troubles and continued attacking Battlekat SL until ringside attendants arrived to hold him back. Slayer called out PJ Knight and demanded a match for the WAW European Heavyweight Championship, stating that he feels ignored and unrewarded while PJ gets everything handed to him.

7. Vanessa defeated Destiny (c) by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the Bellatrix British Championship.
– Vanessa pinned Destiny in the first round.
– Destiny pinned Vanessa in the third round.
– Vanessa pinned Destiny in the fifth round.

– Brad Slayer confronted Vanessa and threatened to break her ankle. PJ Knight intervened and accepted Slayer’s challenge for the WAW European Heavyweight Championship in exchange for Vanessa’s safety. Slayer put Vanessa in an ankle lock until PJ entered the ring and forced Slayer to retreat. PJ once again called out Brad for being cowardly, challenging him to a steel cage match at the WAW Supershow on Saturday 23rd October.