1. Brody Steele defeated Ruffneck by pinfall.

– Team Boston 1-0 Team WAW.

2. Hot Stuff defeated King Kendo with Tommy Lee.

– Team Boston 1-1 Team WAW.

3. Dale Broughton defeated Brad Slayer with Ricky Knight by pinfall.

– Team Boston 2-1 Team WAW.

4. PJ Knight defeated Karl Kramer by pinfall.

– Team Boston 2-2 Team WAW.

5. Axl Lynch defeated Villman by pinfall.

Team Boston 3-2 Team WAW.

6. Saraya Knight defeated Regan by pinfall.

Team Boston 3-3 Team WAW.

7. The Queens World Order (Priscilla & Mitchell Starr) defeated The Senior Citizens (Steve Quintain & Nemesis by pinfall when Starr and Priscilla pinned both of their opponents.

8. Team Boston (Dale Broughton, Brody Steele, Karl Kramer, King Kendo & Axl Lynch) defeated Team WAW (Brad Slayer, Ruffneck, Hot Stuff, PJ Knight & Villman) in an Elimination match when Broughton last eliminated Knight. Broughton and Steele were the match survivors.

– Team Boston 4-3 Team WAW. Team Boston win.

– Ricky Knight begrudgingly accepted defeat on behalf of his team. He then challenged Dale Broughton to a Steel Cage match at Fightmare, a challenge which Broughton accepted on the condition that a fair and unbiased referee be appointed to officiate the match.