1. Kip Sabian defeated Brad O’Brien, Tony Knight and Ricky Knight Jr.

2. Brody Steele defeated Dynamo Grey & Jason Digby in a Handicap match by pinfall when he pinned both of his opponents.

3. Roy Knight (c) with Tommy Lee defeated Brad Slayer by disqualification when referee Scotty Edgar reversed the decision after Lee claimed that Slayer had blinded Knight with powder before the pinfall.

4. PJ Knight & Vanessa defeated Ricky & Saraya Knight by pinfall when Vanessa pinned Saraya.

5. Keegan won a 9 Man Battle Royal last eliminating Eli. Paddy Taggart, who had already been eliminated, returned to the ring only to be thrown out again by Keegan.

6. Anthony Ogogo & Steve Quintain with Grant Holt defeated Villman & Villman #3 by pinfall when Ogogo pinned Villman #3.