[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]- Booker T praised the fantastic setup he’s seen at The Wrestling Weekender and that WAW has all the heart and soul that professional wrestling is all about. After caving to audience demands for a spinaroonie, he added that he’s looking forward to seeing the rest of the show.

– Ricky Knight Jr told everyone not to worry because the World Champion is finally in town after being too busy to wrestle last night. He offered an open challenge to start the night off, which was answered by his father Roy Knight!

1. Roy Knight defeated Ricky Knight Jr by disqualification when Alexander Young attacked Roy.

– Alexander Young and Ricky Knight Jr continued attacking Roy Knight. Eventually, the Zebra Kid was able to fight them off to send the two Art of Pro Wrestling teammates catapulting out of the ring. Roy demanded that the match continue to “finish what they started”. Both AJ and RKJ returned to the ring and surrounded Roy but MC Ben Williment joined Roy in the ring and faced them down. With the numbers evened, Young and RKJ backed off and walked backstage.

– MC Ben Williment informed the crowd that, after winning the TWW Championship last night, Zak Knight had been admitted to hospital due to a throat injury. As a result, the UK Hooligans will not be taking part in the World Tag Team title TLC match later tonight.

2. Villman defeated Kenny Killbaine, Drew Marshall, Mr Williams, Sam Santari, Hot Stuff, Mr Hayward, Battlekat Eli and Nocturne to win the Sky’s The Limit Ladder match.

3. Sinn Bodhi defeated Jaiden Docwra by pinfall.

4. Jody Fleisch defeated NIWA by pinfall.

– Jody Fleisch and NIWA celebrated together as they received standing applause for their match.

5. Ricky Knight defeated Mitchell Starr by pinfall in a Hardcore match with Mick Foley as the special guest referee. Tony Knight and Alexander Young attacked Ricky during the match but were fought off by Foley and Mr Socko.

– Mick Foley praised Ricky Knight and his family as even wilder than were portrayed in Fighting With My Family. He added that he felt honoured to have been welcomed into that family at Fightmare and again now.


– Johnny Saint made an unannounced appearance to express his support for British wrestling and the companies who hold top-quality shows like The Wrestling Weekender.

6. James Storm defeated PJ Knight by pinfall.

– James Storm told PJ Knight that he sees a very bright future for him. Luck was on Storm’s side this time, but he believes that PJ will keep getting better and may take the win if they wrestle again in the future.

7. Billy Gunn defeated Brad Slayer by pinfall.

8. The Art of Pro Wrestling [Ricky Knight Jr & Alexander Young] defeated The UK Pitbulls [Bulk & Big Dave] (c), The Regency [Keegan & Charlie Winston], Tony Knight & Sha Samuels and KOSS Industries [Kosta K & Malik] in an Elimination TLC match to win the WAW World Tag Team Championship.
– The Regency were eliminated when Bulk pinned Keegan.
– The UK Pitbulls were eliminated when everyone pinned them.
– Tony Knight & Sha Samuels were eliminated when KOSS Industries pinned Samuels.
– Roy Knight attacked RKJ & AY, putting his son through a table in the process.
– Tony Knight & Mitchell Starr attacked KOSS Industries and helped RKJ & AY grab the WAW World Tag Team titles.

9. Brad Slayer won the Dynamite Kid Memorial Battle Royal by last eliminating PJ Knight. The match also featured Villman, Kenny Killbaine, Drew Marshall, Sam Santari, Hot Stuff, Nocturne, Jaiden Docwra, CW Davis, 2K, Keegan, Opie Jackson, Battlekat Eli, Battlekat SL, Tony Knight, Tim Strange and Little Legs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]