1. Your Nemesis Benjamin defeated Joseph Bell by pinfall. During the match, Zak Knight prevented Benjamin from using the ropes to hold Bell down.

2. Princess (c) w/Angel defeated Charlene Taggart, Freyja Nyx, Fifi, TJ & Sian in a Four Corners Elimination match to retain the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

– Angel boasted about Princess being able to beat anyone, targeting Karama specifically as the former Bellatrix British champion was at ringside. Karama took exception to the idea and challenged Princess to a match at next Saturday’s event.

3. Scott Clark defeated Big J Johnson by pinfall.

4. Mr. Gray defeated Steven Willett by pinfall.

– Ricky Knight invited Mr. Gray to join the Red Squad. Knight proclaimed his growing team to be the best in WAW until he was interrupted by Green Squad coach Jason Cross and WAW Under-23 champion Dillon Slade. Cross pointed out that Slade is a champion but that the Red Squad doesn’t have any. Knight countered that Battlekat Eli and Battlekat SL could both easily beat Slade, so Cross suggested that Ricky choose one to test his theory. Rather than pick a Battlekat, Ricky said he would pit them against each other to prove their worth.

5. Battlekat Eli vs. Battlekat SL ended in a No Contest when WAW Senior Trainer Ricky Knight ended the match.

– The Battlekats congratulated each other on a hard fought contest but Ricky Knight criticised them for falling back into old habits and abandoning the mat-based technical wrestling he had been teaching them.

6. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Jason the Warrior by pinfall.

– Ryan Richards revealed that Mr. Hayward had pulled out of the main event due to injury. Sir Ryan Matthews attacked Richards with his briefcase, revealing that the WAW Championship Committee had authorised him to enter the match as Mr. Hayward’s representative.

8. Ryan Richards (c) defeated Sir Ryan Matthews by pinfall to retain the WAW Academy Championship. If Sir Ryan had won, Mr. Hayward would have become the WAW Academy Champion.