[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”16914″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]- Jaiden Docwra reminded everyone that he triumphed over both Tony Knight and Big J Johnson of the ART of Pro Wrestling at last week’s WAW Elite show. He added that he believes, with the support of the fans, he has the potential to become the next WAW World Heavyweight champion. This brought out World champion Ricky Knight Jr, who talked down the importance of having the crowd behind you and that Docwra isn’t on his level. RKJ then told Docwra that the fans will eventually get bored of him, before offering a non-title match tonight to prove he deserves a World title shot.

1. Marvel Marcus defeated SAS by pinfall.

2. Nocturne with Freyja Nyx defeated Jason by pinfall.

3. Princess defeated TJ by pinfall.

– Nemesis came to the ring and revealed that he had a few “home truths” to reveal. He pointed out that he’s been waiting six years for an opportunity as a singles wrestler that never came, and now after waiting six months to return to the ring, he’s been forced to re-join the WAW Academy. Nemesis then stated that he thinks this is because he’s always been a “yes man” who did whatever was asked of him. This is why he’d been stuck as an MC or referee for so long. He announced that there would be no more “yes man” because, from now on, Nemesis comes before WAW.

– Zak Knight responded to Nemesis immediately, saying that returning to the WAW Academy is a chance to prove himself rather than a punishment. Zak then reminded Nemesis that, although he had “laced Zak’s boots from time to time”, he had always been there to do the same for Nemesis.

4. Zak Knight defeated Nemesis by disqualification when Nemesis struck the referee and tried to frame Zak by faking an injury. However, Zak realised and faked his own injury to expose Nemesis as the culprit.

5. Sir Ryan and Mr. Hayward defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL] by pinfall when they pinned both of their opponents.

6. Oscar Hyde defeated Steven Willett by pinfall after faking an injury.

7. Jaiden Docwra defeated Ricky Knight Jr by pinfall after a masked assailant hit RKJ with a weapon. PJ Knight came out to support RKJ during the match.

– MC Dillon Slade announced that the main event for WAW Elite on Saturday 26th September will be Jaiden Docwra challenging Ricky Knight Jr for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]