– Sir Ryan Matthews attacked Kobe Nitro as Nitro was making his way to the ring.

1. Kobe Nitro defeated Mr. Hayward by pinfall.

2. Aaron O’Malley defeated Brad O’Brien by pinfall to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at Fightmare IV.

3. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall.

4. Zak Zodiac defeated PJ Knight, Sir Ryan Matthews and Scott Clark by submission when PJ tapped out.

– Brad Slayer revealed his disappointment at not having a match for Fightmare IV yet. He then added that he was even angrier to learn that he had a match scheduled for an Academy Show. Slayer ended by saying that he doesn’t care who he faces, he WILL wrestle at Fightmare IV no matter what, even if he has to destroy the entire Academy roster to prove his point.

5. Brad Slayer defeated Joe Bell by submission.

– The lights went out and Brad Slayer was confronted by a man with a box covering his head. The man removed the box to reveal Kip Sabian, Slayer’s former tag team partner. Slayer tried to attack Sabian but was cut off. As Slayer fled the ring and tried to walk backstage, he saw a match graphic showing that his demands had been answered – Brad Slayer versus Kip Sabian is set for Fightmare IV!

6. Princess defeated Leia Elise by pinfall.

7. Oliver Campbell defeated Brandon Innes by submission.

8. The East Anglia Killers [RKJ & Brett Semtex] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Sam & Battlekat Eli] by pinfall when Semtex pinned Sam to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship.