1. Dillon Slade & Ryan Richards w/Sian defeated Ollie Campbell & Jason the Warrior by pinfall when Slade pinned Campbell.

2. Battlekat Jacob defeated Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx, Big J Johnson and Kobe Nitro by pinfall when he pinned Johnson.

3. Sir Ryan Matthews defeated Steve Sharrocks by pinfall.

4. Vanessa, Princess, Annabelle, Tuka & Abigail defeated Angel, Jolene, Sian & The Fi Amigos [Fifi & Fiona] in an Elimination Tag match.
– Fiona pinned Abigail.
– Jolene submitted to Annabelle.
– Princess pinned Sian.
– Fiona pinned Tuka.
– Princess pinned Fiona.
– Princess submitted to Angel.
– Fiona pinned Annabelle.
– Angel walked out on the match.
– Vanessa pinned Fifi.

– Vanessa offered to defend the Bellatrix British Championship against Fifi at Bellatrix on Saturday 13th March.

5. Jaiden Docwra defeated Keegan, Brad O’Brien and Scott Clark by pinfall when he pinned Clark.

6. Oscar Hyde (c) defeated Brandon Innes by submission to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

7. Old School [Nemesis & Ivan Trevors] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat SL] by pinfall when Trevors pinned Eli.

8. PJ Knight won a Gauntlet match.
– PJ pinned Joe Bell.
– PJ pinned Mr. Hayward w/Sir Ryan Matthews. Hayward and Matthews continued attacking PJ.
– PJ pinned Marvel Marcus.