– PJ Knight bragged about how successful the May Mayhem weekender was for the Foundation, including making Oscar Hyde retire from the ring. Swede came out dressed as Hyde and mocked the crowd. PJ called out Brett Semtex and Ruffneck for interfering, which led to Ruffneck coming out to confront the Foundation. PJ offered Ruffneck a match against Swede later tonight. Ruffneck accepted.

1. The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Adam & Carlton] w/The Boss, Josh & Molls defeated The Rangers [Marvel Marcus & Brandon Innes], Steven Willett & Rocket Raistlin by pinfall when Carlton pinned Innes after the Boss interfered.

2. Keegan defeated Whacky the Clown by pinfall.

3. Rusty Colt defeated Brutus by pinfall when he used the ropes for leverage.

4. Sir Ryan Matthews defeated Tate Sibley by submission.

– PJ Knight issued an open challenge that was answered by Dillon Slade. PJ asked why Slade was in the ring. Slade said he wasn’t happy about how the Foundation had treated Oscar Hyde, leading to PJ attacking Slade to start the match.

5. PJ Knight defeated Dillon Slade by pinfall.

– PJ Knight responded to Nathan Cruz’s online promo hyping up their upcoming Steel Cage match at WAW Isolation.

6. Mitchell Starr defeated Mr. Hayward by pinfall.

7. Eli Sultan defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

8. Rip Parker defeated Raleigh Exe by pinfall.

9. Ruffneck defeated Swede by disqualification when PJ Knight and Eli Sultan attacked Ruffneck.

– Keegan saved Ruffneck from the Foundation and revealed that he had joined Special Forces.