– Sir Ryan Matthews invited WAW Commissioner Jason Cross to the ring and requested that the WAW World Tag Team Championship belts be returned to The Staff as their match against Zak Zodiac and Kayden Knight wasn’t announced as a title match and Kayden isn’t old enough to challenge for WAW Elite championships. Zak brought out both belts and taunted The Staff about losing to his 10 year old son the previous night. However, Zak accepted their point and returned the championships to their rightful owners. The Staff attacked Zak but were fought off and quickly chose to retreat with their title belts. Zak added that he’s going to the United States very soon but he plans to come back and help put a bigger spotlight on WAW.

– The Boss dragged Mollz out from backstage and ordered her to accompany the YPC to the ring. Destiny chased the YPC away and demanded that Saraya Knight vs. Bohdan be turned into 2 on 5 handicap match.

1. Saraya Knight & Destiny defeated The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Adam, Josh & Carlton] w/Mollz by pinfall when Destiny pinned Bohdan.

– The Boss confronted the YPC and ordered them to return backstage.

2. Drew Marshall defeated Big Paddy by pinfall.

3. Keegan defeated Swede (c) by pinfall to win the WAW People’s Championship.

4. PJ Knight & Kobe Nitro defeated Big Lou Nixon & Brett Semtex by pinfall when Nitro pinned Nixon. PJ and Semtex brawled backstage during the match.

5. Tate defeated Oscar Hyde, Battlekat Sam, Brad O’Brien, Joe Bell, Rip Parker and Sharrocks to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at WAW Fightmare V.

6. Nathan Black defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

– RKJ pointed out that he wasn’t scheduled for a match after two show stealing matches the day before. He ran down Nathan Cruz and Connor Mills before offering to put his WAW World Heavyweight Championship on the line as a makeweight for entering himself into the match.

7. RKJ (c) defeated Nathan Cruz and Connor Mills by pinfall when he pinned Mills using the ropes for leverage to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Oscar Hyde confronted RKJ and congratulated him on retaining the WAW World Heavyweight Championship. He also bemoaned his inability to earn a spot at Fightmare V and challenged RKJ to put his title on the line at next week’s WAW Fight For Your Right against himself. RKJ accepted on the condition that he be allowed to choose the stipulation.