0. Douggie defeated Nico Narciso by pinfall.

– Fightmare V host Rob Butler opened the show. Ricky Knight joined him in the ring and reminisced about their match at Fightmare IV last year, then thanked everyone in attendance for helping to make big shows like Fightmare possible.

1. Marvel Marcus won the Dynamite Kid Memorial Battle Royal by last eliminating Brad O’Brien. The match also featured Azzermania, Brandon Innes, Carlton, CT, Dan Le May, Jason the Warrior, Joe Bell, Josh, La Flama, Liam Vusyk, Meisha, Rexx Wyld, Rocket Raistlin, Scott Clark and Steven Willett.

2. Arron Warnes defeated Connor Mills (c), Jack Landers, Robbie X and Jonny Storm by pinfall when he pinned Landers to win the WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

3. Kobe Nitro won the Sky’s the Limit Ladder match. The match also featured AJ ‘Boogie’ Benjamin, Battlekat Eli, Battlekat Sam, Dan Quintain, Dillon Slade, Leia Elise, Rip Parker, Sharrocks and Tate Sibley.

4. Insert Name Here [Oscar Hyde & Kobe Nitro] defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] (c), The UK Pitbulls [Bulk & Big Dave] and The SOS Foundation [Sullivan King & Mike Illongworth] by pinfall when Hyde pinned Illingworth to win the WAW World Tag Team Championship. Insert Name Here joined the match when Nitro cashed in his Sky’s the Limit briefcase.

5. Roy Knight defeated RKJ (c) w/Tommy Lee & Swede by pinfall to win the WAW World Heavyweight Championship. Drew Marshall and Brett Semtex attacked Roy during the match.

6. LAX [Shawn Hernandez & Homicide] defeated Nathan Cruz & Myles Kayman by pinfall when Homicide pinned Cruz after Kayman walked out on the match.

7. PJ Knight defeated Brett Semtex w/Tommy Lee by pinfall to win the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

– PJ Knight invited his fiancée Vanessa into the ring to celebrate with him.

8. Saraya Knight, Nikki Knight & Trai-cie defeated Destiny, Annabelle & Fifi by submission when Fifi submitted to Nikki. Saraya and Destiny were counted out during the match.

– Paramedic Nick Day proposed to his partner in the ring. She accepted.

9. Tajiri defeated Mitchell Starr by pinfall after using green mist to blind Starr.

10. Scotty 2 Hotty & Zak Zodiac defeated Swede & Drew Marshall by pinfall when Zak pinned Swede.