1. Sir Ryan Matthews defeated Oliver Campbell by pinfall.

2. Marvel Marcus defeated Nemesis by pinfall to qualify for the Fightmare IV battle royal after Nemesis was distracted by Ricky Knight’s entrance music.

3. Sam Santari defeated Sharrocks by submission.

– Vanessa relinquished the Bellatrix British Championship to focus on defending the Bellatrix World Championship and give the rest of the Bellatrix roster a platform to prove themselves on. She also announced that the already scheduled Angel versus Princess match will now be for that vacant British title, with herself acting as the special guest referee to crown a new champion.

4. Angel defeated Princess by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the vacant Bellatrix British Championship with Vanessa as the special guest referee.
– Princess pinned Angel in the third round.
– Angel pinned Princess in the fifth round.
– Angel pinned Princess in the sixth round.

5. Brad O’Brien versus Keegan was declared a no contest when O’Brien was ruled unable to continue.

6. PJ Knight defeated Ricky Knight by pinfall. Rob Butler stopped Ricky from tricking referee Brandon Innes into giving him a disqualification victory.

– Ricky Knight attacked Rob Butler and chokeslammed him through a table.

7. Oscar Hyde and Kobe Nitro won a 13 Wrestler Rumble to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match by eliminating each other at the same time. The match also featured Battlekat Sam, Leia Elise, Tuka, Big Paddy, Bohdan, Annabelle, Joe Bell, Steven Willett, Jason the Warrior, Nocturne and Mollie.