1. Zak Zodiac & Nemesis defeated The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Carlton & Josh] in a Handicap match by pinfall when Nemesis pinned Josh.

– Zak Zodiac revealed that his US visa has been approved and will be active from October 1st. He said that doesn’t mean he’s leaving WAW but that he’s ready to take the next step in his career and make a name for himself on a new stage.

2. Annabelle defeated Violet Nyte by submission.

– Saraya Knight applauded Violet Nyte for being a standout performer during WAW’s annual summer training camp and announced that she will officially be signed to the Bellatrix roster.

3. Steve Quintain defeated Oliver Campbell by submission.

4. Red Scorpion & Nico Narciso defeated The Midas Stable [RKJ & Swede] and Insert Name Here [Oscar Hyde & Kobe Nitro] by pinfall when they both pinned Nitro. Midas were counted out during the match after Zak Zodiac attacked RKJ.

5. Mr. Hayward defeated La Flama by pinfall after hitting him with an illegal object.

6. Keegan defeated PJ Knight by disqualification when the referee mistakenly thought PJ had hit Keegan with an illegal object. TJ Tremor tried to attack PJ during the match but accidentally hit Keegan instead.

– PJ Knight challenged TJ Tremor to a fight. Tremor refused but MC Keith Sandle revealed that the match would be sanctioned for Cromer Carnival the following night.

7. Kobe Nitro won a Sky’s the Limit Qualifying Rumble match by last eliminating Swede. The match also featured Rip Parker, John, Carlton, Scott Clark, Oliver Campbell, CT, La Flama, Tate, Annabelle, Dan Quintain, Fifi, Jason the Warrior and Rocket Raistlin.

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