– Oscar Hyde and PJ Knight signed the match contract for their upcoming WAW British Heavyweight Championship match, Hyde’s last opportunity to win the title. Hyde said that he would win the title for everyone who supports him.

– The Staff answered Tim Strange’s open challenge.

1. Tim Strange defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] by pinfall when he pinned both in a Handicap match.

2. Roy Knight defeated Eli Sultan by pinfall.

3. Dru Marshall defeated August Artois by pinfall.

4. Swede defeated Brad Slayer by pinfall.

5. RKJ defeated Sam Bates by pinfall.

– RKJ tried to tell Sam Bates that he doesn’t need Eli Sultan or The Foundation. The Foundation attacked RKJ with Bates confirming his allegiance to the Foundation by knocking RKJ out with PJ’s British Heavyweight title belt. PJ mocked RKJ saying that he’s in charge now.

6. Jonny Storm defeated Nathan Black by pinfall.

7. Oscar Hyde defeated PJ Knight by pinfall after Kobe Nitro interfered.

– WAW backstage co-ordinator Jason Cross intervened in Oscar Hyde’s title celebration and revealed that the match contract stated that the WAW British Heavyweight Championship was NOT on the line. PJ taunted Oscar again, revealing that he riled Oscar up at the beginning of the night so that he didn’t read the contract. PJ directed the rest of the Foundation to attack everyone in the ring who was celebrating with Hyde. RKJ confronted the Foundation and chased them off with a kendo stick.