1. Furio (FSW) defeated Aaron O’Malley (WAW) by pinfall. FSW lead 2-0.

2. Oscar Hyde (WAW) defeated Crowley (FSW) by pinfall after a low blow. WAW and FSW tied 2-2.

3. Jack Landers (FSW) defeated Dillon Slade (WAW) by pinfall. FSW Lead 4-2.

4. PJ Knight (WAW) defeated Matt Walters (FSW) by pinfall. WAW and FSW tied 4-4.

– Rob Butler told Ricky Knight that he’s ready for their upcoming fight at WAW Fightmare IV.

– WAW Academy champion Joe Bell made his way to the ring dressed as “Zak Joe-diac”. Keegan attacked Bell, leading Sharrocks to run out and try to rescue him. Bell eventually carried Sharrocks backstage when Sharrocks was unable to carry Bell.

5. Zak Zodiac defeated Keegan by submission.

– Zak Zodiac asked his brother Roy Knight what he’d done to deserve an unprompted attack after 11 years as the UK Hooligans and all they’ve been through together. He told Roy that the gloves will be off for their match at Fightmare and hopes that they’ll be on the same page again once Zak has finally proven it’s “his time”.

6. Mitchell Starr defeated Nemesis by pinfall.

7. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Big Paddy Taggart by pinfall.

8. Team WAW [PJ Knight, Battlekat Eli, Battlekat Sam & Dillon Slade] defeated Team FSW [Big Dave, Bulk, George Rashwood & Crowley] in an Elimination Tag match. Team WAW win 8-4.
– Dave pinned Slade.
– PJ pinned Crowley.

– PJ was counted out after being attacked by Matt Walters.
– The UK Pitbulls attacked Rashwood and walked out on the match.
– Sam pinned Rashwood.