Aaron O’Malley

Aaron O'Malley

Height: 5ft 6in     Weight12st 8lb

From: Tasmania, Australia

Wrestling Debut: 2012

Trainer(s): Mana the Polynesian Warrior | Saraya Knight

Signature Move(s): Death From Above | Tasmanian Pain Coaster

Accolades: WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW International Championship x1

Influences: Eddie Guerrero | Chris Jericho | Kenta Kobashi

About Wrestler: Aaron O’Malley makes the Australian island of Tasmania proud as the first-ever island-born wrestler to attend a WWE tryout. He also lays claim to the longest-ever NHPW Art of Fighting Championship reign and was the inaugural WAW International champion during his first excursion to the UK in 2018.

After a brief return to Australia, O’Malley returned to WAW in early 2020 and sought to re-establish himself as one of the company’s top light heavyweights. He succeeded in this goal by capturing the WAW World Light Heavyweight title from Marvel Marcus towards the end of 2021.