Height: 5ft     Weight7st

From: The Dollhouse

Wrestling Debut: 2014

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross | Nemesis

Signature Move(s): Black Widow | Head Scissors | Venus Fly Trap

Accolades: Bellatrix British Championship x1 | Bellatrix Academy Championship x1 | Bellatrix Queen of the Ring 2023

Influences: Saraya | Saraya Knight | AJ Lee | Lita | The Undertaker

About Wrestler: The voices of her dolls guide Annabelle inside the ring and out, leading her through the Bellatrix Academy to championship glory, including becoming the youngest Bellatrix Queen of the Ring winner and first Warrior to hold the British and Academy titles at the same time.

Those same voices help Annabelle overcome her natural fear of heights, allowing her to surprise opponents with brutal aerial attacks.