Arron Warnes

Arron Warnes

Height: 5ft 6in     Weight11st 9lb

From: Harwich, Essex

Wrestling Debut: 2017

Trainer(s): Paul Tyrrell

Signature Move(s): Final Warning

Accolades: WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship x2

Influences: Shawn Michaels | Chris Jericho

About Wrestler: Arron Warnes is a graduate from Paul Tyrrell’s School of Slam Wrestling and was the first SOS Wrestling representative to capture championship gold in WAW. While proud of this achievement, he hopes to break records and become the longest reigning WAW World Light Heavyweight champion in history. All of this success comes despite undergoing a kidney transplant in 2008.

Warnes regularly defies the odds inside the squared circle, using a combination of aerial attacks and a good understanding of technical wrestling to stay one step ahead at all times. While not always needed, he also sometimes benefits from working with fellow SOS wrestlers, such as Sullivan King, to gain the upper hand over his opponents.