Big J Johnson

Big J Johnson

Height: 6ft 5in     Weight21st

From: Beccles, Suffolk

Wrestling Debut: 2014

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Brogue Kick | Clothesline

Accolades: WAW British Tag Team Championship x1 | WAW Academy Championship x1 | WAW Academy Tag Team Championship x1

About Wrestler: Big J Johnson has spent much of his wrestling career as an enforcer for Tommy Lee’s Midas Stable, often teaming with fellow stablemate Swede. He was once kicked out of the group after experiencing an embarrassing losing streak, only to find sympathy from the fans and a brief yet successful partnership with Milky O’Hagan as Friends With Benefits. Johnson returned to the Midas Stable in 2022 when Lee announced that he was re-forming the dominant group.

While his only singles championship reign with the WAW Academy Championship was cut short due to injury, he harbours a desire to one day win the European and World Heavyweight titles.

Away from the ring, Johnson is a fully qualified chef and former American football player, winning three BAFA national championships during his career.