Big Paddy Taggart

Big Paddy

Height: 5ft 7in     Weight: 19st

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Wrestling Debut: 2009

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Ivan Trevors | Steve Quintain | Karl kramer

Signature Move(s): Glasgow Kiss | Running Belly Bomb | Big Paddy Splash

Accolades: WAW European Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW British Tag Team Championship x1 | WAW Academy Championship x1

Influences: Ricky Knight | Big Daddy

About Wrestler: A former enemy of the UK Hooligans and the Superflys, Big Paddy Taggart used ignore the crowd and focus on winning at all costs. But, after realising that having an audience cheer for you creates a special buzz, he leaned into it and started using their support to motivate him in the ring. Now, Big Paddy has one of the most entertaining ring entrances in WAW, bringing the crowd to their feet as he builds up their energy to use against his opponents.

He was previously known as Malky Taggart and formed a rebellious tag team known as Freedom and Fire, alongside Dave Daniels. The pair won the WAW British Tag Team Championship before going their separate ways.

Paddy hopes to one day win the WAW British Heavyweight Championship and wrestle against all of his sons.

A passionate football fan, Taggart supports his beloved Celtic and used to manage a youth football team.