Height: 5ft 11in     Weight8st 3lb

From: The Streets of Norwich

Wrestling Debut: 2021

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross | Nemesis

Signature Move(s): Bruv Kick | Drive By

Accolades: WAW Academy Tag Team Championship x1

Influences: Rey Mysterio

About Wrestler: Bohdan is the most loud-mouthed member of the YPC, a gang of troublemaking teens that began wreaking havoc on WAW in 2023 under the guidance of the mysterious Boss. These young upstarts have often menaced WAW shows since their debut but have also been highly successful, capturing the WAW Academy Tag Team Championship and defending them under Freebird rules.

Bohdan rarely backs down from a fight, especially if he’s backed up by his YPC allies. With a self-proclaimed “PhD in Roadmanomics”, Bohdan has his sights set high on adding more titles to his list of real and potentially fictional accolades.