Brad O’Brien

Brad O'Brien

Height: 5ft 9in     Weight14st

From: Stansted, Essex

Wrestling Debut: 2009

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Couture Rack | TKO’Brien

Accolades: WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship x2 | WAW European Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship x3 | WAW Academy Championship x1

Influences: Rick Rude | Brian Pillman

About Wrestler: Brad O’Brien revels in his own ego as the “King of Couture”. His in-ring presence brings together a unique combination of style and presence, akin to the self-absorption of Rick Rude and the fast-paced wrestling style pioneered by Flyin’ Brian Pillman.

He is one of the most successful light heavyweights in WAW history, becoming the first-ever WAW World Light Heavyweight champion at Fightmare 3 in 2019.